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One of my favourite things about the Good Omens fandom is that we have so many names for the Apocolypse that wasn’t.

  • Armageddon’t
  • Armageddidn’t
  • Almostageddon
  • The Little Armageddon that Couldn’t
  • and my personal favourite: Abotchalypse

Armageddon, Armageddoff

I’m sure I’ve seen ‘Ragnaright-okay-never-mind’ which is probably my favourite.
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if stalia stans are going to be bitches and post in the stydia and anti stalia tag, then i'm going to do the same. they deserve it.


Well, then, I hope you enjoy making yourself look like a ridiculous child, giving the trolls exactly what they want, and punishing a bunch of people who did absolutely nothing wrong.


I was reading the tv guide article..when I found this….



really that rumple is still the devil? the big bad guy who evrybody has to fear and run? after everything he did ?


and this ^, no, Edddy, we dont wanna always fluffly times, but we dont wanna angst all the time either. The writers again show how they only care about what cs will do or not do ..I am tired of this crap.

His ridiculous comment is based on the idea that the only interesting thing about these characters is their relationship. Newsflash, terrible writers: You can have a couple settling into their relationship and be happy together and still have them involved in interesting and complex storylines that don’t rip them apart or cause drama within the relationship. If a relationship can only be interesting when there’s always drama in it, then you’re not writing it well.

Not every relationship has to be constantly in peril and not every storyline a character is involved in has to involve their romantic relationship. If you think otherwise, you are not a good a writer.

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Oh, I absolutely agree that we have to look at the unintentional things-- I'm sorry if that wasn't clear! I just wanted to point out that the age difference in prop isn't reflected in the script, so I think when people rely on that to trump the dynamic, I can't buy it. I honestly do think it's an unintentional potentially problematic implication--but you're ABSOULTELY right, it's worth talking about, within the actual context as well. (I hope this made sense!)

Yeah, the flier does need to be taken into account, but considering the fact that everything else on it is a lie, if someone is relying on that as their sole piece of support for their argument, then it’s incredibly flimsy.

But regardless of whether or not the age on the flier is accurate or not, the relationship is not unhealthy. There is no imbalance of power. Neal does not take advantage of Emma. 

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I don't know what you expect use to do when stalia stans act like such whiny baby bitches


You act like you, yourselves, are not, as you so charmingly put it “whiny baby bitches”.

What do you think you’re doing when you reply to that kind of behavior with the exact same behavior? Because that’s all you’re doing. You’re taking the horrible and gross behavior they’re throwing at you, turning around, and throwing it right back at them. That doesn’t make you look clever. If doesn’t make you look better. It makes you look just like them.

If they’re employing that kind of behavior, they are one of two things. They’re either incredibly childish and immature or they are intentionally trying to get a rise out of you so that you respond in kind and look foolish. So when you do respond in kind, you’re either making yourself look just as childish and immature as they are, or your giving a troll exactly what they want and making yourself look foolish in the process.

If you can’t make an argument without name calling, without using gross sexist words like “slut” and “bitch” that exist merely as shorthand for degrading women for doing nothing but acting in ways society doesn’t think they should, or threatening someone’s life (people freak out about people being sent death threats and telling people they should kill themselves, and then turn around and do so right in a post), then you probably need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing. 

If you’re saying that it’s okay for you to hate on something other people like but not okay for other people to hate on something you like, you need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing. 

If you’re doing things like intentionally tagging anti posts with the ship tag just because you want to piss off  shippers, then you need to take a step back and think about what you’re doing.

And if you think about it and your conclusion is anything other than that you’re acting like a child and making yourself look ridiculous, then you need to keep thinking.

"It’s endgame" is not a defense when that’s something that not even the writers can be certain about.

"You don’t have as many shippers as we have" means literally nothing in regards to the validity of a ship. 

And if you’re encouraging this kind of behavior, you need to take a step back and do some thinking, too.

If you have to act like a child when defending you’re arguments, then you’re arguments probably aren’t worth defending all that much in the first place.

In short: grow up and think about what you’re doing and saying.

I just want to thank you for your rational, logical, and respectful discussion of the potential age difference with SF. Especially the emphasis on context, because honestly? If you take out that one prop, there's nothing in context of the script or visual cues with the actors that would have suggested there was any age difference. contextually, i can't see an intentional disparity. it's like they just slapped MRJ's birthyear on a poster and didn't think about it.

Well, in all fairness, we do have to pay attention to things that happen within canon unintentionally. The writers did not intend to portray the relationship between Regina and Graham as rape, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is. They clearly don’t intend for Hook to be a creepy walking embodiment of rape culture, but he is. No matter what was intended, that prop is a part of context. 

However, even that prop is more complex than anti SFers want it to be. Like I said, while I tend to believe that Neal’s biological age does match that on the flier, the fact is that every single other thing on that flier is a lie, so it is reasonable to believe that the age is as well.

The context that needs to be truly considered in regards to whether or not the relationship is unhealthy or problematic is the emotional and intellectual maturity of the characters based on their behavior in their scenes together and what we know of their background. Because rape laws are far too fluid a thing to make any kind of argument based on legality. In Oregon sex with a 17 year old is misdemeanor sexual abuse and not rape. In many states, sex with a 17 year old is completely legal. This is a case where you can’t base a moral question like this on legality.

And, yes, within the context of the show, it’s clear that Emma and Neal are on the same intellectual and emotional level. They’re in very similar places, have shared very similar experiences that have caused very similar feelings, outlooks, and development, and they want very similar things. There is clearly no imbalance of power, and as such, no power being abused.

So if someone doesn’t like SF because of the age difference, whether it’s just something they don’t like or because they find it triggering, that is absolutely valid. But if they say that in the context of the show their relationship is unhealthy, that there was an imbalance of power, or that Neal took advantage of Emma, they are completely incorrect.

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Things that make me roll my eyes when it see it coming from fellow antis (be they anti stalia or anti CS)

"(insert female character here) riding (insert male characters here)’s dick"

"(insert female character here) is a slut"

"(insert female character here) is a bitch"

"(insert ship here) is endgame"

"It’s okay for me to hate on (insert ship or character here) but it’s not okay for you to hate on (insert ship or character here)"

"(insert character here) should be murdered/kill themselves"

Tagging anti posts with the ship tag

"(insert ship here) is less valid because it only has like (insert low number here) shippers"

"I will kill (insert writer here)"

"I will kill (insert shippers here)"

Name calling of any kind

I wish people didn’t act like children. And I wish people didn’t encourage people when they act like children.


Next time you come into my ask trashing lydia/styda i just might 'accidentally' forget to blur out your url.

Really, if they’re ending you hate (and not just hate, in this case, but sexist, disgusting hate), then you are under absolutely no obligation to protect their identity. If they’re going to send hate and shame a teenage girl for partaking in two sexual relationships that were, for the most part, monogamous, they deserve to have everyone know who they are and that they think disgusting things.

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Ugh. There was a decent period there where there weren’t a ton of anti-stalia people partaking in the very behavior that gives us a bad name. I guess today is the end of that.

I just really wish that people didn’t encourage it. Especially the reasonable people.

Kiki’s Top 55 Ships of All Time

52. Harold Finch and Root, Person of Interest
It was only after I taught the machine that people mattered that it could begin to be able to help them. I’d like to do the same thing for you, if you’d let me.”

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