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god i love her so much

Her hair has been some level of grade-A magical this season.  As a human or even as a transformed werejaguar face. It’s like she got an extra supernatural sense when she was turned:  sight, hearing, strength, smell, healing…UNNATURALLY AWESOME HAIR.

It also has some kind of supernatural ability to blow in the breeze, even when there is no breeze and they’re inside.

I know you've made that post about tagging problems and the best ways to handle them a couple of times for different fandoms, and I don't get why more people don't pay attention to them. so sick of going into tags to see posts that are just bitchy "someone posted in our tag, so we're posting in yours" shit.


The things is, the people who make those posts are also usually people who want the drama just as much as the people who intentionally mistag do. Sometimes people just lose their patience, yes, but usually the people who really don’t want the drama are the ones who just ignore it all, who just scroll past mistagged hate. They’re largely people who have probably already figured out the ways around the issues because they’re the ones actually willing to listen when solutions are presented. I certainly hope  my posts have reached those who hadn’t yet found the solutions, because if anyone deserves to browse in peace, it’s these people.

But I’m generally prepared for the posts I make about these kinds of things to be mostly ignored. Because, like I said, in reality even though people adopt a “they started it. I’m just fighting back” mentality when it comes to mistagging, they’re doing it because they want the drama just as much as those who “started it”. They’re not going to be interested in ways to fix the situation or reasonable reasons to avoid retaliation, because they don’t actually want the problem to go away.

So unfortunately my posts are never going to completely stop the problems. They might not even put a sizable dent in the problem. But even if it only helps two or three people, then it’s worth it.

(And I just have to say, this is one of the reasons the Community fandom is pretty great. Because there was a lot of tension toward the end of season 5, but posts like mine where we addressed the problems and found solutions for them together really did lead to a huge change in the atmosphere in the fandom and problems with tagging and potential ship wars)

Reblog if you’re currently a Nielsen household!

Let’s see if we can find a unicorn!

Boohoo. People who are anti stalia say that stupid thing about the ratings failing for tw is they stopped watching to, you hypocrite.


Either you don’t know the definition of the word hypocrite, or you assume that because someone thinks one thing you disagree with, they think all the things you disagree with.

Sadly, both make you look silly.

To be a hypocrite, I would have to say that the ratings would fail if everyone who hated Stalia stopped watching. I have never made such a ridiculous assertion as I actually understand the way the ratings system works and I know that while those who hate Stalia are a very large portion of the internet fandom, that translates to a much, much smaller fraction of the total viewing audience, and the fraction gets even smaller when you narrow it down to Nielsen households (the only viewers who matter to the ratings.

So either you don’t know what a hypocrite actually is, or you’re so ignorant and defensive about your own opinion that you feel you must assume that because one person who hates stalia thinks it, then every person who hate stalia thinks it. Unfortunately for you, that makes absolutely no sense.

(And it must be said that regardless of whether there is a huge amount of people who hate Stalia, regardless of whether or not ratings would be ruined, regardless of anything like that, Stalia is an unhealthy and poorly written ship)

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Possibly an odd ask, but did you mean American bison? Those adorable pics you posted were actually of american bison (or possibly European bison). You may have gotten them confused with the water buffalo which looks quite different. I know this is a tiny nitpick but it is a subject close to my heart. (I enjoy rational discussion and therefor stay away from most fandoms on tumblr but I do sneak away from the science side to check here, thanks for your posts on ratings, shipping, anti cs and such)


It was just as typo as a few nights ago I was involved in a discussion about Blonde Bison, a type of beer from Buffalo Water (only tangentially involved as I no longer drink and was mostly being educated on different types of lagers), so the words were still running together in my mind when I posted the pictures of bison.

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You're probably only whining about polls not meaning anything because your ships don't win polls. SQ proved that they make up most of the fandom. That's why we deserve to be acknowledged. Without us their show wouldn't stay on the air. So take your thinly veiled homophobia and your hurt feelings over polls somewhere else.


Well. This was predictable.

I’ve always said this about polls, not because my ships never win such polls, but because it’s true. It’s not about what’s most popular. It’s about which fandom has the most time and drive to waste on a poll. I say that now, and I said it back when Jeff/Annie, my #1 ship both right now and at the time, won the EOnline Couples Tournament. J/A didn’t win because it was the most popular ship in the tournament. It won because the shippers spent a lot of time voting, and because of fighting between other fandoms just happened to work in J/A’s favor. Some people were excited, and some people were excited because they thought it meant something, like it would make the writers decide to get Jeff and Annie together or something. But they didn’t. 

They aren’t a true indication of popularity within the online fandoms because of this. And they aren’t a true indication of popularity within the entire fanbase because the online section of the fanbase isn’t that big overall.

I would really love to see all these ships who claim to be the biggest ship on the show and the main reason its ratings keep it on the air (it’s not just SQ. I’ve heard it from CS as well) to be able to organize some kind of poll or study where they could ask every single member of their ship if they live in the US and if the are a Nielsen household. Because people in the US who are Nielsen households are the only people whose views count toward the ratings. Considering only .03% of households with televisions in the country are Nielsen households, I’m betting that at best there would be a handful of people within the online fandom that fit the criteria. And that’s a best case scenario. That’s being generous.

These “we’re the biggest part of the fandom and if we stopped watching the show would fail” claims are made by people who greatly overestimate how much of the fanbase is made up of the online fandom and who don’t have any understanding of the way the ratings system works. Just people spouting off about things of which they clearly have no understanding.

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Does anyone know what Pemberley Digital is doing after Frankenstein MD? Is it true that FMD is only running 25 episodes? I hope so, because I’m kind of not feeling it.

I haven’t heard anything. The 25 episodes thing is news to me. I haven’t decided how I feel about FMD yet.

I’ve confirmed it on the PBS website, it will run for 24 episodes. and will have its finale on Halloween. Most of the articles mention that it’s meant to be along the lines of Welcome to Sanditon, which makes sense as it seems to be less focused on story and more focused on explaining science-y things, kind of like how Sanditon was more focused on things like recipes and such.

Does anyone know what Pemberley Digital is doing after Frankenstein MD? Is it true that FMD is only running 25 episodes? I hope so, because I’m kind of not feeling it.

I'm so sick of hearing about this afterellen poll. It has taken over my dash and I don't understand why a poll on some site is causing so much drama and causing SQers to freak out on AH and JMo. Can you please give me something else to look at?


I’d heard a few things here and there about it over the week, but yeah, obviously it exploded today. There’s just so much wrong with what’s going on here. JMo getting hate for declining the interview when she did no such thing, and apparently an interview was never actually promised by afterellen for the winning pair. (This is unsurprising. Every time there’s a polls on a somewhat major website, there’s also talk about how the winning ship will get an interview). SQers acting like their canon ship is entitled to be treated as canon. The idea of polls mattering in general.

Because they really don’t matter. Not only do they have absolutely zero impact on what happens on the show, they aren’t even a measure of what most popular. First of all, they’re only going to measure the popularity of something within the online world, which is only a relatively small percentage of the viewing audiences.

The big thing, though, is that these sites don’t actually care about finding out what ships are the most popular. They’re interested in page views. So they usually set up their polls so that people can vote more than once, and usually so that they can vote as many times as they want.

Is there anyone who thinks that’s actually going to produce any kind of an accurate result? No, it won’t. The only thing it will do is show what fandoms have the time and desire to spend a ridiculous amount of time voting in a poll that doesn’t matter. 

And even the polls that do only allow one vote per person can’t be considered entirely accurate because there are easy ways around that.

Let’s not forget the year that Faberry and Destiel fans were so desperate to win EOnline’s couple tournament, yet another poll that ultimately doesn’t matter, that they completely crashed the site (possibly due to actual hacking to increase votes). 

It goes back to the whole ridiculous idea that shipping is a competeition that makes no sense. People are so wrapped up in the idea of being right, of winning something that isn’t actually winnable that they forget why they’re shipping in the first place. And they become obsessed with winning these polls because they are things that they actually can win. And because of that they lose perspective on the fact that it doesn’t mean anything.

This whole mess was caused by SQers taking misinformation as fact not once, but twice (the first time being that the winner would be awarded with an interview, the second that JMo had declined), and getting riled up to the point of sending hate to JMo and AH (who deserves plenty of criticism, but not for this) all because they placed  tremendous amount of importance on something that, in the end, didn’t matter at all.

(And I HATE talking like this because SQ isn’t even a ship that I hate, but the behavior of some of the shippers is just so utterly ridiculous and unacceptable. Even though we know it’s not true, I wouldn’t be surprised if JMo did turn down the interview, and I wouldn’t blame her. She gets so much shit flung at her from some SQers, and when she (and the rest of the cast/writers) do talk about SQ, they can’t win. Their words are either interpreted as hate and homophobia and they’re horrible people, or they say something positive and now they’re queerbaiting because they’re saying positive things and still not making it canon. If I was JMo, I would try to distance myself from that sort of thing, too).

And I’m sorry, you wanted something other than the poll on your dash and I went on and ranted about the poll. Have some kittens.

And here are some baby water bison with their mommies and daddies. Because asdasfsjhkj WATER BISON ARE SO CUTE.

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AU: When Nova arrives in Storybrook from the Enchanted Forest, Regina decides to set her up with Tink, hoping that Nova’s big dreams will remind Tink of the hopes and dreams she used to have and help her believe in herself again.

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